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Leon looked around the room full of anxious faces, his brow creased in worry. He'd called them all together, here in the big room of the empty house where they'd set up their base, because he had something he had to tell them. Except that - looking at them now - he had no idea how he could say it; how he could bring himself to break the news to them.

He looked again from face to face. Aerith's kind concern; Yuffie chewing a fingernail with impatience; Cid watching him with just a flicker of doubt in his eyes. Even Merlin was there, one grey eyebrow hopping up and down his forehead like a drunk caterpillar.

"Leon, what is it? You can tell us. Whatever it is, we'll handle it together." Aerith's voice was soothing, gentle, and for a moment he almost believed her.

Leon reached down and lifted the thing he had been concealing by his feet. As he laid the roughly-bandaged shape on the table he heard their gasps of surprise, the sharp intake of breath, a quiet "oh no!" For a moment he remained silent.

"I guess we have a problem," he said. "It's....."

1) Perdita
2) The Buster Sword
3) Sora


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