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“He says a couple of hours, he’ll more likely be a couple of days,” Cloud shrugs. “There’s no point standing around here waiting for him, and besides,” he wipes the back of one hand over his perspiring brow, “it’s hot.”

Leon nods. Normally, he’d have some blunt remark about staying out of the kitchen, but this time Cloud is right. Coming here had been like stepping through the door of a furnace into a solid wall of heat. The hard glare of the small spiteful sun directly overhead hurts his eyes. Cloud’s naked torso glistens in the harsh light, and Leon can feel the slick sweat clinging to his own skin.

“It is a little warm,” he nods again. “let’s see if we can’t find some shade.”

Cloud gestures towards the dark mouth of an alley opening onto the marketplace. “It looks cooler down there.”

“Always leading me into dark holes, Strife.” Leon strides off across the plaza, heading for the yawning gap.

After the noonday glare of the market, the alley is almost dark. Lines of laundry hanging out to dry criss-cross the space above their heads; windows shuttered against the heat of the day. Ahead of them, a door stands half off its hinges, one sunken corner buried in the warm sand. “Over there,” Leon says.

Inside the abandoned building it is a lot cooler. Cloud glances around at the heaped-up boxes and barrels, the shattered remains of who-knows-what, and shrugs. “It’ll do, I suppose.” As he is settling himself against the wall, a sudden noise comes from outside.

“What the ..?” Leon leaps to his feet.

7) Guards burst in
8) Iago comes down the chimney
9) Sora

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This is based off the Desert drabble from my Journeys fic. I've always wanted to see them in other worlds. :D

Sora jogs away to talk to a merchant, leaving Cloud and Leon alone in Agrabah’s busy marketplace. Neither is sure why they've been chosen to come along on this trip, nor are they particularly comfortable with the native garb—billowy white pants belted low around their waists and...well, not much else—but it's not in their nature to complain.

Cloud glances at the broad, curved scimitar at his hip, then at the matching one at Leon's side, feeling even more naked without the Buster. He shifts his weight, testing the feel of the unfamiliar weapon, then catches an amused glint in Leon’s eyes.

"Can't handle it, Strife?"

"Well, it is smaller... Quicker strikes, I would imagine," Cloud murmurs, his low voice just loud enough for Leon to hear. "Nice, subtle curve to it..." He smirks, just a little. "I think I’ll manage."

Leon's lips twitch into what might be considered a grin, but before he can reply, their wry exchange is interrupted by Sora's abrupt and excited return. The boy skids to a halt in front of them, eyes bright as the sun.

"Hey, guys! I've gotta go to the palace. This guy says Aladdin knows something, so I'm gonna check with him, 'kay? Back in a couple hours! Bye!"

And then he was gone again, leaving two stunned warriors blinking at the vacant space that had momentarily housed a Sora-shaped apparition.

Leon lifts a brow and looks over at Cloud. "So, what now?"

1) Wait around in the marketplace
2) Seek shelter from the heat in an abandoned building
3) Chase after the kid who just pilfered Leon's munny pouch

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