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Title: Subterfuge
Author: [personal profile] stellareclipse
Rating: T/M
Prompt: AU. Secret agent meets Don Corneo meets idek. Have fun!

"Your girl's here," Tifa murmured, taking a sip of her drink and discreetly glancing across the room.

Leon followed her gaze and nodded.

"Be careful…"

Another nod.

Tifa sighed and slipped off of the tall stool, pressing a chaste kiss to Leon's cheek before disappearing into the crowd.

Leon watched her leave, then finished off his scotch and slipped a few bills beneath the glass. He dipped his chin at the bartender's acknowledgement and turned his attention to the pretty blonde near the entrance, clad in a flattering off-the-shoulder dress from what he could see through the throng of people.

He made his way across the smoky room, allowing his gaze to rove unchecked over long blonde waves and pale skin and dark, shimmering fabric. Unlike much of what this night would hold, his appreciation of his lover's body was honest, and he allowed a hint of that honesty to reflect in his eyes as he extended one hand and canted his head towards the crowded dance floor.

"She kissed you."

Leon laughed quietly at the annoyance in that soft-spoken voice, taking the obediently proffered hand.

"She means nothing to me, baby," he said wryly, pulling the blonde in to his arms. He nodded in approval as deceptively strong arms twined around his neck, allowing his hands to roam boldly over the slinky black fabric, partially for show and partially to satisfy his curiosity. His fingertips encountered the top of the nearly hip-high slit on one side of the dress, and he raised his eyebrows, intrigued.

Cloud rolled his eyes and tightened his arms around Leon's neck in warning. Leon just smiled, slipping his fingers just beneath the silky cloth, the touch subtle and teasing, not once breaking the rhythm of the dance.

"Smooth," he observed, the words a bare, husky whisper against soft golden tresses.

"How did I know you'd like that?" Cloud muttered crossly. "New dress. Meg's idea," he added, nodding towards the slender, exotic-looking brunette behind the bar. "Apparently it'd look suspicious if I'd worn the other one twice. Not sure why it had to be cut this fucking high, though."

Leon hummed in sympathy, glancing around the dimly-lit club in a deliberately casual manner, though his fingertips were quite focused on their task, still stroking Cloud's thigh and enjoying the feel of satin-soft skin over hard muscle.

"Watch it, Leonhart," Cloud hissed, digging his nails into Leon's nape. "Someone might begin to think you've got a thing for women."

That earned him a rough chuckle.

"Trust me, I know exactly how much of a man you are," Leon purred, just barely loud enough for his partner to hear. He emphasized the sentiment with a subtle roll of his hips and smirked at the involuntary shudder that pressed Cloud's lean body that much closer to his own. The amusement faded when the concealed holster attached to Cloud's padded bra pressed against his sternum, bringing him right back to the mission. "Think it'll happen tonight?"

"Fucking better. I don't know how you guys roped me into this, but—"

One word, one single name whispered into his ear was enough to remind Cloud why, exactly, they were doing this. By the time Leon drew back, Cloud's bristling irritation was gone and his vibrant blue-green eyes had become solemn and guarded.

"We can't risk any more of the girls," Leon added unnecessarily, then he fell silent, suddenly feeling the weight of someone's measuring gaze upon them. Without looking, he said softly, "The fish are biting. Eleven o'clock."

He took Cloud's hand up into the air and spun him around slowly, maneuvering him so that Cloud's back was to his chest. They had to be convincing to pull this off, so he fitted his hands lightly just below Cloud's ribs to hint at curves that weren't really there, guiding their movements in time with the heavy, sensual beat of the music.

Cloud's eyes immediately fell upon the balding man leaning against the wall in the back corner, though he was smart enough not to let his gaze linger. "Mm. And the suit over by the bar?"

"Yes." Leon dipped his head to nuzzle the exposed skin of his lover's shoulder, brushing aside blond locks to trace his mouth up the line of his neck. Once his lips reached the base of Cloud's ear, he murmured, "Be careful."

Cloud turned to kiss him, brief but meaningful. "You too."
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This is based off the Desert drabble from my Journeys fic. I've always wanted to see them in other worlds. :D

Sora jogs away to talk to a merchant, leaving Cloud and Leon alone in Agrabah’s busy marketplace. Neither is sure why they've been chosen to come along on this trip, nor are they particularly comfortable with the native garb—billowy white pants belted low around their waists and...well, not much else—but it's not in their nature to complain.

Cloud glances at the broad, curved scimitar at his hip, then at the matching one at Leon's side, feeling even more naked without the Buster. He shifts his weight, testing the feel of the unfamiliar weapon, then catches an amused glint in Leon’s eyes.

"Can't handle it, Strife?"

"Well, it is smaller... Quicker strikes, I would imagine," Cloud murmurs, his low voice just loud enough for Leon to hear. "Nice, subtle curve to it..." He smirks, just a little. "I think I’ll manage."

Leon's lips twitch into what might be considered a grin, but before he can reply, their wry exchange is interrupted by Sora's abrupt and excited return. The boy skids to a halt in front of them, eyes bright as the sun.

"Hey, guys! I've gotta go to the palace. This guy says Aladdin knows something, so I'm gonna check with him, 'kay? Back in a couple hours! Bye!"

And then he was gone again, leaving two stunned warriors blinking at the vacant space that had momentarily housed a Sora-shaped apparition.

Leon lifts a brow and looks over at Cloud. "So, what now?"

1) Wait around in the marketplace
2) Seek shelter from the heat in an abandoned building
3) Chase after the kid who just pilfered Leon's munny pouch

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