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As well as the kink meme and the choose your own adventure, we thought it might be fun to try some collaborative story writing. The basic idea is that one person starts us off with a chapter, and then someone else picks it up and runs with it, and then someone else, and then someone else, and... well, you get the idea.

In theory this should be pretty simple. I've been in communities that work like this before, and I stole the model and a good few of the guidelines from the old Kingdom Hearts Rockin' Robins comm on LJ.

Here are some Basic Guidelines. Please read through all of these before deciding to join in!

1. This community is open to anyone who wants to write Strifehart stories collaboratively.

2. Anyone can submit an initial post of a story (but please see #6). While the story needs to feature Cloud and Squall/Leon as the primary characters, they don't need to be romantically/sexually involved (unless you want them to be). Similarly, other pairings are fine, as long as they are secondary. Initial posts can include primary genre(s), rating, and a prompt/description so that other writers will know in what direction to be thinking. Alternatively, the OP can leave all of that open, and give other people a free hand.

3. Anyone can call the next section through comments, first come first served, but please be mindful of others. If you've recently written something, give others a chance before diving in again. Also, please don't claim more than one story at a time, and make sure that you've read the previous parts of a story before choosing to write the next section. May seem obvious, but you never know...

4. There is a negotiable minimum of 500 words per update, and a week in which to post. If we don't hear from a writer within that time, the slot will be opened again for another writer to take. (If you know that you won't be able to update in time, please notify a mod as soon as you can.) There is no maximum limit for the length of an update. Update directly to the community, please; don't post your update as a comment on the previous installment. Tag your post with the story title, chapter number, and your pen name.

4. The point of this is collaboration. Please don't undo events that others have set up in the story. And feel free to communicate with other writers to clarify previous events if you need to. Chat, play, have fun!

5. Spell and grammar check, please. This group is open to anyone who wants to join, but it is a writing community. You don't have to be the leading expert on the use of the semi-colon, but make an effort to avoid too many typos, spelling errors, etc. If you're nervous about your writing, say something. There are likely people here willing to offer advice if you'd like it.

6. If you want to start a new story, check with a mod first. We're the ones who will be tracking claims and whatnot, so let us know what you're planning so that we can make sure we've got the resources to handle it.

7. Everything here is subject to change. We've never tried to do this before so we have no idea what might go wrong, so apologies in advance if anything does!

Community Respect:

We're here to have fun and make friends. It goes without saying that everyone here will treat each other with respect. Abide by that simple rule and we should be fine.

That's it! If anyone has ideas, suggestions or anything they'd like to contribute, or if you have questions, feel free to contact the mods.

Otherwise, have fun writing!
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